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Our Service
At PARTNER, we will study your existing product line and new projects. With a rich sourcing experience, our sourcing team support you searching and selecting most capable, professional manufacturers/suppliers in China.
· Gifts & Promotional Items· Party & Christmas items
· Office & School Supplies· Jewelries & Accessories
· Luggage & Bags · Electronic & Phone accessories
· Garments & Accessories ·Home decoration & Handicrafts
· Toys & Baby Products· Kitchenware & Appliances
· Tools & Hardware· House ware & Sanitary
· Umbrella & Package· Outdoor & Garden
· Pet supplies & Home Textile· Cosmetics & Wash supplies
· Footwear & Sportswear· Sports supplies
You name a product (with photo/quantity/design/description), we source for you!
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Still worried about communication problems with suppliers? Tired of different time zone with Chinese factories? Choose PARTNER, all those problems will be gone. This is a team, who can help you purchase anything to save your time, make your work easier. As your representative in China, we search, pick, and buy for you.
Want a Chinese office to support your importing business?
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Collecting Goods
Have you ever had problems such as:
A. spending too much to get all the goods together from different suppliers?
B. taking too long to collect every products in one shipment?
C. missing some items while gathering goods from different cities?
Now PARTNER team is here to help you. No matter how many suppliers you buy from, how many kinds of products you mix in one container, how tight your delivery time is, we're here to supervise the suppliers, to make sure every step goes well. Choose PARTNER, you can sleep at night!
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Quality Control
As one of the most powerful Dept. in the PARTNER team, our QC Dept. has helped hundreds of clients solve countless quality issues. With an efficient working system, smart skills of negotiations with Chinese suppliers, and sense of responsibility, we ensure every client's benefit through every transaction.Choose PARTNER, you will make every penny worth it!
Can't wait to see how we cooperate?
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We believe a smooth shipment helps a lot for your sales. As the last procedure of our trading service, PARTNER has a very flexible brunch in charge of shipping to anywhere you require. No need to search for other forwarder/shipping agent, we will help you make all the shipping documents. ( B/L, CO, Form A/F, Commercial Invoice, Packing List etc.)
Choose PARTNER, save your precious time.
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